Trafigura is a global leader in oil brokerage and the transportation of raw materials. Established in 1993, the company facilitates the efficient movement of resources worldwide. It adeptly manages intricate supply chains encompassing minerals, metals, oil products, gas, and energy, overseeing the entire journey from production to the destination. At the forefront of innovation, Trafigura is proactive in diversifying its operations and exploring new markets, with a notable focus on emerging sectors like liquefied natural gas, renewable energies, and hydrogen.

Key Figures

Trafigura has developed a global network of logistics, actfis and offices to support its business.

12 000

employees worldwide

+ 60

offices worldwide


date of creation

CHF 241.5

billion in sales

Find the right job at Trafigura

Teamwork, innovation, and determination are crucial to becoming a loyal Trafigura employee. The company considers that all its employees genuinely impact the supply of resources and the energy transition.

Why join Trafigura?

Trafigura aims to meet today's challenges by working as responsibly as possible to make the supply of energy and raw materials as efficient and sustainable as possible.


Trafigura invests in renewable energy projects to support ecological transition.


With over 30 years of experience, the company has the expertise to meet new challenges, such as the low-carbon future.

Global opportunities

With sales teams worldwide, Trafigura offers unparalleled opportunities to become a global player.