About us

More than just an online platform

Exenest positions itself as the catalyst for a harmonious fusion between individual financial aspirations and corporate needs in the Swiss financial landscape. Our mission is to create a synergistic connection, where financial services professionals and businesses converge to bring concrete opportunities to life.

Our vision

At Exenest, we understand the crucial importance of aligning personal financial goals with business needs in the Swiss banking sector. We’ve built an exclusive digital space that transcends traditional boundaries, offering fertile ground where individual financial aspirations intertwine with the dynamic demands of Swiss business.

For financial professionals

Whether you’re a financial expert looking to broaden your horizons, a wealth manager passionate about creating customized solutions, a lawyer, a trader or an emerging young talent in the financial sector, Exenest is the place where your career aspirations come to life. Explore challenging opportunities, hone your skills and connect with companies that share your values.

For players in the Swiss financial center

Companies thrive when they access the right talent and build strong teams. Exenest offers players in the Swiss financial center privileged access to a diverse pool of talent, aligned with the unique requirements of the financial environment in French-speaking Switzerland. Simplify your recruitment processes, foster innovation and develop a workforce that meets the high standards of the Swiss financial center.

The perfect fusion

What sets Exenest apart is our ability to create the perfect fusion between individual financial aspirations and the specific needs of businesses in the financial sector. We facilitate meaningful encounters, encourage collaboration and stimulate mutual growth. When you choose Exenest, you choose an experience where financial ambitions and corporate goals converge to create a powerful synergy.

Join us at Exenest and discover a platform where financial opportunities come to life, ambitions flourish, and financial success becomes a shared reality.

Les fondateurs

Joining forces, Luca and François have created Exenest, a platform designed to meet the changing needs of players in the Swiss financial marketplace. This strategic alliance of financial and talent management skills creates a comprehensive solution for companies seeking to navigate the dynamic world of modern finance. Exenest transcends expectations to deliver robust and innovative business solutions.

Luca Joos

Luca Joos has been a privileged witness to the profound transformation of the financial sector. Through the vicissitudes of time, he has worn different hats, held positions of responsibility and orchestrated a symphony in a world where the only constant is change. A witness to the industry’s major evolutions, Luca built Exenest with the conviction that financial companies can thrive amid organizational and cultural transformations. With a Master’s degree in Industrial Relations from the London School of Economics, Luca combines a solid understanding of financial dynamics with advanced expertise in human relations.

François Gosselin

François Gosselin has a decade’s experience in human resources, management and organization consulting with change agents such as CapGemini Consulting and BearingPoint. François brings a strategic perspective to Exenest’s development. A graduate of EM Lyon and trained in Organisational Behaviour at Bocconi and IESE, he offers an innovative and pragmatic vision to meet the complex challenges of recruitment in the financial sector.