Vontobel is a preferred investment partner for financial intermediaries in Switzerland and abroad.


Vontobel is the preferred investment partner for financial intermediaries in Switzerland and internationally. A Swiss investment manager with a global reach, Vontobel has four core businesses: Wealth Management, Asset Management, Platforms and Services, and Digital Investing. The bank makes it a point of honor to create the best financial opportunities for its clients' interests. It also attaches great importance to corporate responsibility and is redoubling its efforts in sustainability. The founding family holds most of the company's shares, making it an independent, family-run bank.

Key figures

Vontobel is one of the world's most reliable investment banks, with experts in all the major financial centers.





25.1 %

solvency ratio

CHF 288.4

assets under management

Find the right job for you at Vontobel

Vontobel is the bank of choice for talented individuals specializing in financial and investment services looking for challenges and bold ideas. Enthusiastic, it is fearless in committing itself and its employees to new perspectives.

Why join Vontobel?

Vontobel empowers its employees to take ownership of their tasks and exploit opportunities. The bank only gets the best out of its employees by achieving top results and always striving to exceed them.


Vontobel strives to anticipate trends to offer its customers the most appropriate solutions.


The bank relies heavily on digital services to offer its customers a unique digital investment experience.


Vontobel is committed to offering its clients and employees only the best financial and professional opportunities.