Mercuria is an independent global energy group. It specializes in the trading and supply of physical products, financing, and logistics services, as well as providing solutions to meet customer needs. Mercuria operates on an international scale, fulfilling its primary commercial role of supply, but it also invests in strategic assets and places trading at the heart of its concerns. The company works to advance the energy transition by connecting markets to promote a balance between reliability, sustainability, and affordability.

Key Figures

Founded in Geneva in 2004, Mercuria has rapidly become one of the world's leading product trading groups.


date of creation


billion in sales

5.2M +

barrels of oil-equivalent commodities traded daily.


employees worldwide

Finding the right job at Mercuria

Mercuria welcomes new talent and those with more in-depth skills to help them evolve in a changing environment and remain one of the world's leading independent energy groups.

Why join Mercuria?

For Mercuria, its employees represent the company's core capital. In addition to working throughout the product value chain, the company offers its employees unique opportunities, such as participation in assets and investments.


Mercuria uses the latest technologies and innovative techniques to meet every need.

Competitive Advantages

Mercuria offers competitive compensation and benefits programs to all its employees.


Mercuria doesn't hesitate to give its employees much autonomy to achieve their full potential.