Lenz & Staehelin

Lenz & Staehelin is a specialist business law firm that regularly partners with other leading firms around the world.


Lenz & Staehelin is a law firm specialising in business law. It regularly joins forces with other leading law firms worldwide to broaden its skills and scope. Thanks to its exceptional expertise, undeniable technical skills, and 100% committed team, Lenz & Staehelin offers its clients reliable, top-quality services covering a vast field of activity. In addition, thanks to its excellent reputation, the company's clientele includes leading national and international companies.

Key figures

With its roots in Switzerland, Lenz & Staehelin does not limit itself to its home country; it also makes its expertise available to international clients.






date of creation

CHF 235.5

billion in sales

Find the job that's right for you at Lenz & Staehelin

Lenz & Staehelin recruits people from all backgrounds and is committed to supporting each of its employees in the smooth development of their careers. The company has many long-standing employees.

Why join Lenz & Staehelin?

Lenz & Staehelin allows all employees to develop in an inspiring working environment within a diverse team where energies and skills merge. This is why the firm is not looking for specific profiles but for people who are passionate about business law and can bring real added value.


Lenz & Staehelin's reliability is one of its greatest assets, thanks to its unrivalled legal expertise and client relationships.


Its reliability and history have enabled the company to work on prestigious projects.


The company has an international reach by teaming up with other firms and encouraging the sharing of knowledge.