IG Bank

IG Bank has been a British broker since 1974. Today it operates as an online trading platform open to professionals and private individuals.


British broker IG Bank was founded in 1974. Historic but not obsolete, the company today takes the form of an online trading platform open to both professionals and individuals. Aware that trading is not risk-free, IG Bank's mobile application aims to be accessible while protecting its customers. Before investing in the financial markets, a test with a success rate of 80% is expected. With over 17,000 financial stocks, the platform offers unlimited opportunities. It assists each of its customers with their investments to help them take as little risk as possible and, above all, to be profitable.

Key figures

IG Bank is a historic company and an international benchmark.



CHF 44.2


in assets under management


date of creation

15.8 %

solvency ratio

Find the job that's right for you at IG Bank

IG Bank is not a traditional brokerage firm. It is always at the cutting edge, looking for passionate, dynamic, and visionary talent to be critical players in the financial markets.

Why join IG Bank?

With millions in profits yearly, IG Bank seeks to push its boundaries to meet ever more ambitious challenges. In a world on the move and with a presence on five continents, it offers international opportunities and invites all its employees to unleash their potential.


IG Bank believes that all its employees have a positive impact on customers.


IG Bank believes that each employee is unique, and this difference makes us strong together.


IG Bank is a renowned brokerage firm and a leader in the international market.