Gunvor Group is an international trading company specializing in transporting, storing, and distributing raw materials, with a strong focus on petroleum products. The company buys and sells crude oil, refined petroleum, natural gas, metals, and other commodity-related products. It moves its materials using the most efficient logistical means possible, from ships to railroads to pipelines. Aware of the need to combat global warming, the company strives to align some of its activities with the principles of sustainable development.

Key figures

The company has a global presence and operates in the international energy and commodities markets.


date of creation

1 700



billion in sales


million MT

Finding the right job at Gunvor

Gunvor is always looking to hire the best talent to develop and improve existing businesses and create new ones in trading and investment.

Why join Gunvor ?

Joining Gunvor means joining a dynamic, motivated, and competent team. The company attributes its success and growth to its employees, who provide a wealth of commercial, operational, functional, and technical expertise in the world's energy markets.


Initially specialized in oil, the company has not hesitated to diversify into new sectors.


Gunvor aims to promote responsible and sustainable trade in raw materials.


Gunvor always upholds the fundamental values of respect and honesty within its company.